Welcome to Creative Puppets!

The photo to your left is of Turbo Turtle and myself, Ian Mac. The photo was taken at the Venthaven Ventriloquist Convention’s 40th Anniversary in July 2016. Turbo is the reason I started building puppets. I was unable to find a puppet that I wanted, that had the features built in that I needed. So, I decided to create my own puppet and Turbo was born! Since then, ventriloquists and entertainers have approached me about making their bespoke puppet and Creative Puppets began to trade.

If you want a puppet that is unique, purpose built and stands out from other puppets, then we are here to help.

We can create your puppet from rough drawings of the character, or photographs, you provide. The process to owning your own character is easy to follow. Contact us with your ideas and we will help make your puppet character come to life. 

Creating you a special character is easy, just send us an email with brief details and a contact number and you will soon have your new puppet on your hand.

We will give you a brief call to discuss details that you want building into your new puppet such as style, Skin colour and other features. These details are then put onto a personal build file and emailed to you to check over and confirm the details to start the build procedure. We will include a final price and expected completion date for delivery of your new puppet character. 
We ask for 50% of the build price, once we receive payment we start working to create your puppet. We keep in communication and send photographs of the puppets progress. When the puppet is completed to your specification we will ask for the final payment and arrange delivery.
Any personal data is not shared with any third company. We may use pictures of the puppet on our website or social media to show potential customers a portfolio of our work
We look forward to hearing from you and creating your vision